Embracing Life

Achieve Australia

As an avid football fan and Chelsea Football Club supporter, Lucy Strevett has big dreams to travel the world. “I want to go to Spain, Africa and to different places in England,” says Lucy. “I have been to England five times, but I have never been to Phuket so I want to go there too!”

Lucy’s father, who was born in England, has inspired her love of travel and football. “When my dad was a little boy, he played soccer a lot,” explains Lucy. Now, the pair travel regularly on holidays together and share a close bond.

Together with her close family connection, Lucy shares a special friendship with her flatmate, Emma, who she lives with at Achieve Australia’s Crowle Estate Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

“I feel happy because I like to live with my friend, Emma. We are great friends,” says Lucy. “I like to stay with the carers who help me a lot too.”

Lucy receives Supported Independent Living (SIL) services at Crowle Estate, providing supports for daily living, personal care, communication and participation in community and social activities.

Veronica Yuguero, Team Leader at Crowle Estate, says that after an unexpected personal loss Lucy came to live in supported accommodation with Achieve. It was the first time that Lucy had lived on her own.

“In the beginning Lucy was a little bit more withdrawn and it took time to build up that trust with the staff, but in these last two years Lucy has grown so much,” explains Veronica.

“Now, Lucy is closer with staff and she’s learnt how to do her own laundry, to cook for herself and to clean her apartment. She even goes to the city and catches the train by herself too,” says Veronica.

By building her independence Lucy’s self-confidence has also improved and, recently, she presented at the Festival of Inclusion event at the University of Sydney.

As part of the Centre for Disabilities Studies (CDS) Inclusive Research Network, Lucy paired up with Dr Phillippa Carnemolla from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to present a case study on Crowle Estate’s accommodation set up for people with disability.

During the session Lucy shared her own experience of living at Crowle Estate, how she maintains independence through daily supports and her links with community.

In future, Lucy would like to get a job, refine her cooking skills and go on holidays. “I’m going to start working at a café soon, making coffee and cooking cupcakes,” smiles Lucy.

For the time being Lucy is embracing an independent life and new opportunities that come her way. She’s also ready to embark on her next travel destination, whether that be to visit the sites of London or Barcelona.

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