Innovation Can Take You from Surviving to Thriving in the NDIS Era

From Surviving to Thriving in the NDIS Era 2018

The Innovation Forum: From Surviving to Thriving in the NDIS Era will take place at the Sydney Disability Expo, a 4community initiative, this Friday, May 25. The forum acknowledges the disruption that the NDIS has caused, challenging our assumptions and testing our business models. It also acknowledges that this switch to consumer-driven markets represents enormous opportunities for non-profits.

Leaders who are prepared to rethink how they do business in the NDIS framework – reshaping the consumer experience and business process, and harnessing smart technology and innovation – can thrive.

The changes brought about by NDIS require a pivot, however many organisations are finding the transition tricky to say the least. They may lack scale, innovative work practices, a niche, or any real customer experience or marketing capability. Robust, growing organisations (large or small) develop compelling value propositions, communicate effectively with their target market, and provide high-value customer experiences. They take one of two approaches: they are exceptionally efficient and innovative in their service delivery and able to offer services to the mass market at a compelling price, or they occupy an innovative niche within the market, with the ability to build a strong reputation within that niche.

“Expectations that we have for services in other areas of our lives – like consuming video content through Netflix – will soon be applied to disability services and we need to think differently,” says Peter Horsley, founder of Remarkable.

From Surviving to Thriving in the NDIS Era features Peter Horsley along with Remarkable colleague and Entrepreneur in Residence Ben Reid and 4community CEO David Jack. A division of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Remarkable is making a global impact by driving technological innovation to build social and economic inclusion for people with disability through disability-tech accelerator programs and leadership events like the Innovation Forum. 4community works with organisations to thrive in the NDIS era, helping them become leaner and smarter in their journey to success.

If you lead an organisation in the disability sector and need advice about how to best thrive in the NDIS era, please email 4community CEO David Jack at