Making the NDIS Easier to Navigate

The Benevolent Society

Best providers in one place at Sydney Disability Expo

The NDIS is a new era rolling out across Australia. Like all new, big changes, it’s proving a real challenge for people to understand and work within.

The NDIS gives clients choice and control. Funding goes to the client, who chooses which disability service contractor (or various contractors) will provide the services they need. However, many people find it exhausting and feel that the funding doesn’t go far enough. They struggle with the paperwork and with entities that don’t always communicate with one another. This can be frustrating! Yet mandated pricing for all NDIS-registered providers means that entities also struggle because they have to operate within imposed budgets.

The greatest challenge for people with disability however, is choosing their preferred service provider. They have several important questions to consider:

  1. Do I stick with the service provider I had before?
  2. If I change, how do I know I’m making the best choice?
  3. What if I don’t like the new provider?
  4. How do I coordinate supports and services if I choose more than one provider?
  5. Can a single provider offer everything I require?
  6. How can I be sure I’m making the best decision?
  7. How do I get the most value out of my funding?

A good case manager can make all the difference in the world. It’s stressful and exhausting to have to deal with bureaucracy, flawed implementation, and imperfect service provision.

While NDIS is designed to provide greater choice and tailor plans to individual needs, there are very real barriers to this happening.

The Sydney Disability Expo gives you the answers

The Sydney Disability Expo gives individuals with disability and their families an opportunity to have face to face conversations with a variety of disability service providers, including The Benevolent Society. With all of your local providers in one place, it’s easier to determine the range of services offered, what the alternatives are, what might work best for you or your family member, and how to get the most out of each NDIS dollar.

Now Australia’s largest disability service provider across Australia, The Benevolent Society offers case managers and coordinators as well as therapists (physio, speech, occupation, and other) and respite services for carers. Our specialists are experts in physical as well as cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

Meet with our case managers in offices across NSW and the ACT or see more information on The Benevolent Society website. Find out which services are available in your area and how we can help.

Come along to the Sydney Disability Expo starting Friday May 25, and make sure you catch our panel discussion and Q&A session on Saturday, 26 May at 11am.