Poppy’s Journey to Independence with NSW Trustee & Guardian

NSW Trustee & Guardian understand the complexities and unique circumstances that individuals with disabilities and their families face when it comes to financial planning and management. NSW Trustee & Guardian can be appointed by a court or tribunal to be the financial manager for a person with disability that affects their capacity to make financial decisions. Here is the inspiring story of Poppy Vueness, a client who found support and empowerment through NSW Trustee & Guardian.

Poppy Vueness has overcome numerous challenges, including extended hospitalisations and unsuccessful attempts at group homes. Determined to keep her daughter close, Karen Vueness sought an alternative solution. In 2017, she courageously requested a change in Poppy’s income allocation to hire someone who could check on her daily, ensuring medication adherence and stability.

Today, Poppy is happily settled in her own apartment, just minutes away from her mother. With improved mental health and a single hospital stay in the past four years, Poppy has made remarkable progress. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) now covers the cost of monitoring her medication intake, providing her with stability. Subsidized rent from the regional housing trust also leaves room for some discretionary spending, enabling Poppy to enjoy personal pleasures.

Poppy’s newfound independence includes managing an allowance in her bank. With the guidance of her dedicated client service officer, Lucy Holt, Poppy budgets for essential items while enjoying the freedom to indulge in clothes shopping and occasional outings for coffee and lunch. Poppy appreciates the ability to express herself through her clothing choices, whether she wants to dress up or go casual.

Maintaining cleanliness and order within her home is a priority for Poppy. With assistance from the Estate Management team, Poppy can focus on personal growth and pursue her passions without the burden of household tasks. This support contributes to a calm and harmonious living space.

Poppy is also able to engage more frequently with the community, while lockdowns had created some hesitation in interacting with others, Poppy’s mother, Karen, sees this as an opportunity to further promote her daughter’s independence. Encouraging Poppy to assist with supermarket trips and attend GP visits accompanied by NDIS staff nurtures self-reliance and builds confidence.

As a parent and carer, Karen Vueness considers the future and the support that will be available to Poppy when she is no longer able to provide it. Reviewing her Will and ensuring continued access to NDIS services and Estate Management support are priorities for Karen, to ensure Poppy is taken care of. 

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* Names changed to protect privacy.