Spotlight on Cocoon SDA Care’s Stellar NSW Team 

We’re delighted to bring into the spotlight our exceptional NSW team at Cocoon SDA Care. With their unwavering commitment and specialised knowledge in the disability sector, they’re champions at fostering a nurturing environment where our participants receive top-tier support. 

Uniting for Success 

The NSW team, a passionate and experienced bunch, is dedicated to providing empathetic care and support. Their teamwork ensures every participant’s unique needs are met, and high-quality support is delivered consistently. 

Ongoing Professional Growth 

They strongly advocate for continuous professional growth, pushing their boundaries, sharing insights, and supporting each other. This commitment to ongoing development enhances their ability to deliver extraordinary results for our participants. 

Recognition and Accolades 

A special mention goes to Raylene Sanileva, our Support Worker from the Sydney office, who recently win the ‘Support Worker of the Year’ Award at the Sydney 2023 Disability Staff Recognition Awards. This esteemed recognition is testament to Raylene’s unwavering support to our participant and the sector. 

In essence, our NSW team exemplifies the ethos of Cocoon SDA Care with their shared passion, collaborative spirit, and commitment to growth. If you or your loved ones are looking for been cared by like-minded and a bunch of genuine people, contact us on 1800 262 666 today.