What it means to run a successful NDIS service?


After years of working in different disability sectors and trying to understand the different needs of participants and their families, we decided to open something that will provide an invaluable experience to participants and their families.

Whilst most organisations place a strong focus on enhancing the lives of people with a disability, we wanted to provide a service that allowed participants to work with staff that were fully equipped with the right set of skills.

This gave us the opportunity to cater for each participant’s needs and expectations. The aim was to put the disability aside and focus mainly on their abilities, ultimately giving them ample opportunities to lead a very normal, healthy and productive life.

We realised soon after opening that people with a disability also have dreams and aspirations much like the rest of us. The difference has been is that ‘normal’ individuals have the ability to achieve those dreams without having to overcome any barriers but those with a disability struggle, therefore we take great pride in ensuring that our participants get to live their dreams and aspirations every single day. Each milestone that they achieve, is a huge celebration for us because it just means that we are working towards our vision as a service provider.

But apart from all of this, we understand that in order to make a company successful we have to work from the bottom up making sure we choose the right staff to work with our participants and their families. Our priority is to upskill our staff so they are able to provide excellent service delivery to our participants and their families.

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