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Empowering Independence

At ARC Care and Ability, we’re about empowering your independence, so you can live the most rewarding life possible no matter what you’re dealing with in life. No two situations are ever the same. That’s why we’ve hand-selected the most adaptable, reliable and professional people we know to do the job. Our exceptional care workers wear many hats, taking care of their customers’ day-to-day needs one day and providing emotional support to family members in times of need the next. They are our heroes, the reason we are so confident being a part of the aged care and disability space in a time of much growth and change.

Josephine is one of our customers, alongside her daughter Chloe who lives with cerebral palsy in Sydney’s west. When our care coordinator went to visit the family, the positive impacts of their care worker Linh were apparent instantly. Josephine had a wide smile on her face, one of gratitude and relief that we could be of such great assistance to her and her family. She stated, ‘Chloe’s attitude has improved and she enjoys spending time with her care workers. She is cooperative and independent. Chloe went swimming with Linh and absolutely enjoyed it. “Chloe’s behavioural improvements after gaining access to a care worker who can cater to her specific needs are noteworthy, and the future is looking bright for them both”.

Another one of our customers is Ramon, who had a right-sided stroke in 2013 which greatly affected his mobility and speech. Due to his unique circumstance, Ramon has trouble walking and the psychological impact of not being able to enjoy his previous independent life was difficult. Ramon has only good things to say about the help ARC Care and Ability have provided him, allowing him some of life’s enjoyments he had not been able to experience for a number of years. He says, “I can now go and socialise with other people. Going out with my care worker is something I look forward to every time! They have also assisted me with my speech and my care worker practices with me activities taught by my speech pathologist.”

At ARC Care and Ability, we tailor our services to best suit your needs, and our dedicated care workers are available to you 24/7. What we do best on a daily basis for our customers is summed up perfectly in our slogan: “Quality home care services, whenever you need it.” Contact us today at or 1300 935 417 to see how we can empower your independence and make a huge difference to your quality of life.