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Achieve Australia’s My Pathway: Supporting People with Complex Needs

The My Pathway group of services is the ‘front door’ to Achieve Australia. Members of the My Pathway team support people with disability, families and guardians from their first contact with the organisation, through the journey of identifying and then connecting with the supports and services required.

The team excels in helping people with disability to navigate the NDIS, then obtain accommodation and supports appropriate for their individual needs. This includes supporting people with complex needs.

The stories of Ian and John are good examples of how My Pathway works.


Ian has mild intellectual disability and schizophrenia. He spent six years in a locked hospital ward for patients with mental illness. A behaviour support specialist from Achieve had worked one-on-one with Ian for the past three years. She regularly visited him in hospital and was aware of his difficult situation.

An opportunity to provide better support for Ian came with the transfer of a new, purpose-built community home from the NSW Government to Achieve Australia.

A cross-functional team of Achieve experts worked with the hospital and the NDIS to secure funding, ensure continuity of medical care, and enable a safe and seamless move to Ian’s new home.

Ian continues to receive medication and other forms of support for his schizophrenia but is now in an environment that encourages him to grow and flourish. He has a room of his own, personalised to reflect his own tastes and interests. Rather than being locked away, he has access to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea whenever he wishes. He is also able to participate in Achieve’s Day Programs – providing opportunities to socialise, explore new interests, and participate more fully in the community.

After six years in a locked ward, Ian how has more freedom to be himself – while enjoying the safety and support of a real home.


John was a designer in his 30’s when he sustained an acquired brain injury from medical complications following routine surgery.

As a result, John had mobility issues, required feeding via a tube inserted into his stomach, lost the ability to communicate clearly and dramatically changed in personality – including refusing personal care due to a variety of phobias.

Following post-operative treatment and physical rehabilitation, John ended up in a Sydney hospital – a temporary solution that did not enable him to make progress in re-establishing some quality of life. Due to a combination of challenging behaviours, medical requirements and accessibility issues, John and his wife found it difficult to obtain suitable services and supports.

At the end of 2017, John’s Service Coordinator brought his situation to the attention of Achieve Australia. At the time, Achieve did not have a vacancy in a community home suitable for someone with such complex medical needs.

However, early in 2018 the NSW Government transferred to Achieve a newly-built house designed specifically for people with complex needs. A cross-functional team of Achieve experts was formed to plan and manage John’s transfer out of hospital.

John is now living in his new home with 24/7 support. A spare room is kept available so his wife can visit and stay over any time. Since moving, John’s quality of life has steadily improved. He has made great progress on overcoming his phobias and is enjoying a marked improvement in his overall wellbeing.

John’s mobility is also slowly improving. Although he continues to face many challenges, John now enjoys quality of life and has opportunities that were not possible in hospital.

Talk to Achieve Australia’s My Pathway team about the NDIS and finding the disability supports and services you need.

Telephone: My Pathway – 1300 22 44 38