Maximising your NDIS Plan with Integra


Through an individualised budget, the NDIS aims to give people with a disability, their families and carers, the ability to take charge of the supports they require, have flexibility to choose the service providers they want, and decide how they want their services managed.

As with anything new, there is always some anxiety and confusion. You may be asking yourself ‘what does this means for me?’

Here at Integra, we’re here to help you with your NDIS plan. We will help you navigate the NDIS process, remove the confusion and give you the freedom to make decisions that suit both your needs and budget.

All of this means greater choice and control for you!

Who is Integra?

Integra is an independent and registered service provider of NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination. We offer unbiased support to maximise the possibilities of your NDIS plan and supports. We put you first, tailoring our services to suit your needs, as we work together to achieve your goals.

Do I need a Plan Manager?

Using a Plan Manager, such as Integra, gives you all the freedom of self-management but relieves you of the administrative burden of managing your plan. We take care of the time-consuming parts such as claiming from the NDIA, organising provider payments, processing your expenses and development of monthly statements. You can ask to have Plan Management included in your NDIS plan in addition to your other support budgets.

What about Support Coordination?

The NDIA may consider adding Support Coordination to your plan if there are reasons you could experience challenges navigating the NDIS or managing your providers efficiently.

If you have Support Coordination in your NDIS plan, Integra can help you to navigate, learn and understand more about the NDIS. Our Support Coordinators are experts at helping you understand your plan, activate it, and find service providers, products and services best able to meet your individual needs.

Want to Learn More?

Integra is passionate about individuals having access to the right tools and providing unbiased support to maximise the possibilities of your NDIS plan and supports. Talk to our friendly team today to understand how we can help you to maximise your plan and budget.

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