Great minds think differently: unveiling Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s global capabilities 75 years on

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) is proud to unveil its new brand strategy and campaign, ‘Great minds think differently’, as well as a new suite of product and service improvements, to deliver on our core mission of support for people with cerebral palsy (CP) and their families. 

The new brand strategy reflects CPA’s long history of innovation and unique scale of capability. 75 years ago, a small group of parents got together over a simple wish – a brighter future for their children who had cerebral palsy (CP).   

Today, CPA’s global footprint includes expertise in research, advanced technology, evidence–based services and advocacy support for the CP community. We are world leaders in cerebral palsy research, and the world’s largest private funder of cerebral palsy research. Our global disability tech accelerator program, Remarkable, and technology research team, are unlocking the potential of technology to drive greater inclusion for people with disability.  

CPA showcases their new brand strategy through a media advertising campaign across TV, digital and print and a new website.  

New and accessible website showcases client journey  

CPA’s new and updated website reflects digital best practice, complete with a new customer journey to enable CPA’s 5,000+ clients and their families to find relevant services, news and information with ease. A key feature of the website is showcasing best-practice interventions at every stage of a person’s life, from birth to old age. 

Additionally, CPA has launched MyCPA, a new mobile app that makes it easier for clients to engage with CPA and manage their therapy services. 

“Today, Australia has one of the lowest rates of cerebral palsy in the world. We can diagnose and treat cerebral palsy much earlier than ever before and new generations of entrepreneurs are discovering and developing, life-changing assistive technology. This is all thanks to the wonderful alliance of great minds who work alongside Cerebral Palsy Alliance – our clients, employees, researchers, donors, advocates and tech entrepreneurs,” Rob, White, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, CEO 

Other achievements over the last few years include:  

  • Introduction of three Early Diagnosis Clinics, leading the world in diagnosing and treating cerebral palsy in very young babies, enabling better outcomes.  
  • Over 50 assistive technology start-ups supported 
  • Over 200 research papers produced and 600+ research grants awarded across the globe  
  • Launching and driving World CP Day – now over 100 countries participate.  

The new brand campaign launches alongside the 14th year of our successful STEPtember fundraising campaign. 

Through CPA’s new brand and STEPtember campaigns, we are encouraging people to ‘join the movement’ to support people with cerebral palsy, and their families. 

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